Dear Sirs,

It is our pleasure to introduce our services in providing the most professional and skilled Egyptian labor in all fields since 1973 till now.

Whereas our company enjoys a sound reputation in this field, and as our labor are subject to the best medical and technical care provided by the most professionals. Therefore, our slogan is (Precision, Deliberateness, Calmness and Discipline).

Those four items that form this slogan are the bases of any successful business. Precision means: no mistakes. Deliberateness means: accurate selection of the required elements. Calmness means: comfort between parties. Discipline means: filing for the data that the businessman might need at any time. Thus simplifies the selection operation away from bias or haste.

Finally, it is so easy for the person to talk about himself, but it is so hard for the one to make his work talk about him.

We have achieved the hard that our work always talks about us. So, welcome as a client. We assure you that we are going to provide you with your requirements in the field of labor employing.

Please be informed that we do the medical examination, passport registration from various consulates, contract authentication from consulates and ministry of manpower and tickets reservation.

We have the best-qualified and trained labor including architects, civil, electrical, computer and mechanical engineers. We have also doctors, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers, electricians, maids, nannies and drivers.

In case of failure of the employee to fulfill the requirements of the job, then we shall incur all expenses to return him back.

Assuring you of our full cooperation at all times.

Best regards

Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud
Chairman ( more information )

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